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How it works

5th Cinema is a self-distribution platform for indie filmmakers where they can connect directly with their audience online. Filmmakers keep all rights for their film, can set prices, and can choose what distribution method they want.

We know that the needs of every film are different, and a distribution model that might work for one film might not work for another, so we work to give filmmakers as many options as possible so they can gain an audience and an income.

And now, in partnership with FilmmakerMBA, selected feature films on the site will have the opportunity to have their film accepted by a distributor. See below, for more information.

. . . Awesome for Filmmakers

Everyone has independent films they would absolutely love. The trouble is finding them. We make it easy to search, browse, and watch the best indie films on the internet, and support the filmmaker at the same time.

. . . Awesome for Audiences

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